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About Us:


John D. Svirsky LLC  (JDS) has been in the business of providing Commercial Real Estate Financing since 1979. Taking a holistic approach, JDS has been able to help clients reach their short term objectives, and also their long term goals.  JDS sometimes acts as a principal and other times as a broker providing Commerical Bridge loans,  long term financing through a nationwide network of banks, hedge funds, and insurance companies.


JDS … working with his team of seasoned professionals, lawyers, financial planners, wealth management professionals, and private bankers tailors each and every loan to suit the borrower’s needs.


JDS clients include everything from Fortune 100 companies to small entrepreneurial businesses whom banks will not yet finance, but have solid assets and a good business model and plan. The vast majority of JDS’s clients are from referrals from bankers whose credit committee have turned the deal down but want to maintain the banking relationship with the client. Lawyers, financial planners  and accountants,  also refer their clients knowing that JDS will give them the same high level of professionalism that they give their clients. 


The highest compliment is that I have been working with many of the same clients for over 20 years, their offspring also feel confident working with JDS.

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