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Commercial Mortgage Bridge Loan Guidelines

Program Description: The bridge lending program is designed to assistborrowers in financing transitional or distressed assets on ashort time frame with flexible loan structures.


Property Locations: Nationwide


Property Types: All property types



  • First mortgages

  • Existing first mortgage notes


Loan Size: $500K - $10 million


Term: One to Three Years


Loan to value: 60 - 75% depending on the property and circumstances


Interest Rate: As low as 8% the average is between 10 - 12%


Points: 2-5% of the loan amount to be paid from loan proceeds at closing, again depending of the complexity of the deal


Recourse: Non-recourse with standard carve-outs


Closing: As short as two weeks


JDS Inc. is a private, diversified real estate investment company specializing in financing opportunistic commercial real estate investments across all property sectors. JDS Inc. originates bridge loans,acquires commercial real estate debt, and invests in value-added real estate transactions. Since its founding in 1979, JDS has invested capital through private investment funds on behalf of high net worth individuals, family offices and private pension funds. 

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