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Refused for a loan
you expected to be approved? 

We can help.

Loan Programs for your clients based on property value and cash flow NOT Credit
Commerical mortgages for all property types. From AAA to not so good...
  • Fast closings. Expect two to three weeks from completed submission.

  • Common sense underwriting

  • 60 – 75% LTV

  • 1 year term interest only rates from 5 – 12 % with options

Types of Properties:
  • Multifamily (5 + units)

  • Office

  • Mixed use

  • Fix and Flip Rehab

  • Warehouse

  • Light industrial

  • Class A/B Mobile Home Parks

  • small balance commercial l

The Next Step:

Call John Svirsky:



Email submission to:

What you need to provide:
  • Address of property

  • Name of borrowing entity

  • Current rent roll

  • Past 2 years & YTD profit and loss for subject property

  • Color pictures of subject property

  • List of capital improvements completed

  • When was the property purchase

  • Schedule of Real Estate Owned

  • Personal Financial Statement

  • Copy of purchase contract

  • Copies of leases

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